[Android] Sony’s 3D Creator App for Xperia Devices runs on other Devices – Scan Faces,Heads,Objects in 3D and print them

Sony showcased a new Feature in their XZ Device Series@IFA 2017, first found in Xperia Z1’s Firmware. Nearly thousand words cant explain more than their own Promotion Clips on YouTube so i decided to link it here to get you closer to this new Feature. Come back after watching and i show you how to do this with other Android Devices not only Xperia Smartphones cause its crap what everybody with IT Knowledge knows.

Best Thing is : printing or sharing a printable file is possible so its possible to scan a Object and print it instant.A lot of Possibilities if you think about it for a Moment.So now you’re thinking „i need this“ and there is a way to use this App on other Android Devices running Android 6.0 with an Snapdragon 8xx CPU and Adreno GPU, i think u need also a Sony Lens in your Device.I’ve tried it out with a One Plus 3 and it works.But there is one Problem, the App is not for other Devices like its only made for Xperia Devices. So what to do? Simply grab the Apk and remove the rule from its Manifest.How to? Check this:

Download the Apk and open it in Apk Editor, open in Full Edit!Simply save it without changing anything,it will be compiled and signed with a different Certificate and then its possible to install!This is because its not build in the Firmware of your Device, its not ‚baked in‘ so with this method we go around this and can install cause its a different Certificate.

Have Fun with playing around – Questions?just comment

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