[Tutorial] FRP Bypass Exploit Samsung S9+ / 2018 wie ich Google/Samsung austrickste

-for private use only,im a Technician showing security leak-

How I tricked Google’s Security Feature FRP on a Samsung Galaxy S9+…

So, Google invented a Security Feature to protect a Device against a Reset over Recovery. Ex. Device is lost, the Device is protected against use if someone reset it via Recovery with a Google Account in it and without switching ‚OEM unlocking‘ in Developer Options. Its Impossible to bypass the Feature with a few tap’s and short YouTube Videos, only possible to remove with PC & some Files flashed onto the Device via Odin.

Some time ago a friend asked me if i can unlock a FRP protected Samsung S9+ – so i’d searched the Net and did it. This is my Guide with Support from Albanian Hack Crew. No need to install a APK via SD Card, this is easier.

To enter Download mode we need to press Bixby Button + Volume down + Power Button!

Connect the Device to the PC with Odin and Custom Firmware loaded in ‚AP‘ Section – press Start

Device starts up, do nothing else then swipe Notification Bar down and hit Settings.

Settings▶️About Phone▶️Softwareinfo▶️tap 7x Buildnumber to free Developer Options.

In Developer Options switch ‚OEM unlock‘ Option!!

Switch off, hold Bixby Button + Volume up + Power Button to enter Recovery

Wipe data/factory Reset and Reboot to Bootloader

If the Bootloader is weird you can start it up to Custom Mode again,switch off and do the startup Procedure to enter Download Mode!

Now flash original Samsung Firmware(extract Files to a Folder,put every File like AP,BL,CSC in their destinated Line, use HOME-CSC not CSC) and after that it should be removed and the Phone can be used.(Screenshot below!)

If you get a Write Error in Odin , flash twrp and wipe dalvik cache&cache & factory reset, try again then.

TWRP for Samsung Galaxy S9+ download from GDrive Mirror

Note:if a device is ‚blacklisted‘ at the Accesspoint for mobile Connection it wont be possible to use a sim with this device and of course it can be tracked down via triangulation.So do what u do, say what u say but dont play.

Über Mo

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